Complete 3 Day Immune Boosting “HPV Diet” Meal-Plan

Complete 3 Day Immune Boosting “HPV Diet” Meal-Plan

HPV Diet 3 Day Meal-Plan

HPV and Cervical Dysplasia

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a viral infection that can cause various levels of cervical dysplasia, which is known to lead to certain types of cancers.

The immune system plays a critical role in stopping HPV and preventing it from progressing into cervical dysplasia (or abnormal cells). More often than not, the HPV infection disappears after losing a battle to your immune system. Rather than just hope for the best, there ARE things you can do to help secure a strong immune response towards HPV.

The Immune System

Natural and holistic doctors encourage treating the whole body, rather than just the area of infection. There are several ways to treat the entire body for HPV and cervical dysplasia. These things usually include several or all of the following, diet changes, vitamins and supplements, lifestyle changes, stress management, suppositories and in more severe cases escharotic treatments.

HPV Diet

Many women focus on taking vitamins and supplements when trying to manage HPV and cervical dysplasia naturally. One large concern is that these supplements can get costly over time. Taking supplements is a great way to ensure that consistent and high concentrated doses of each supplement are getting into the body daily. However one of the best ways to get these nutrients into the body is to consume whole foods that contain the vitamins and supplements you are trying to benefit from.

Certain foods, vitamins, and minerals that have been shown to boost the immune system & target HPV.

Consider certain fruits and vegetables to consume every single day alongside taking the nutrients in pill form. If you live in remote areas where it is difficult or impossible to get vitamins and supplements, eating as many of the following foods will greatly benefit the body’s ability to target HPV and heal through the body’s natural immune system.


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The following nutrients are known for their role in helping target and fight HPV and cervical dysplasia:

  • Folate
  • Vitamin A / Beta Carotenes
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Indole-3-Carbinol & DIM
  • Curcumin
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Green Tea
  • Cruciferous Vegetables

Looking for a good way to eat more of these foods and minerals?

I’ve created a 3-day immune-boosting “HPV Diet” meal-plan, which includes: your shopping list for all 3 days, complete recipes, and calculated totals of the vitamins and nutrients for each day! The ingredients for each snack and meal have been chosen specifically because they have been shown to positively impact the immune system and help target HPV.


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What’s Inside

Each day has:

  • 3 main meals.
  • 3 smaller snacks.
  • Complete shopping list for all 3 days of snack and meals.

If you feel you need more food and still feel hungry (especially with dinner), consider adding a leafy green salad to your main meals. I also suggest a cup of green tea with as many meals as you would like. Green tea has many wonderful healing properties and has been well studied with its role in HPV cases.

Inside the meal plan guide, you will find a chart that outlines all meals and snacks over the course of the 3 days. You will have some food images shown in a solid color, and some food images that are slightly greyed out. The images that are slightly greyed out mean *leftovers* from a meal you should have made extra of from the day to two before. In each recipe, take note of how many servings you are cooking for, and be sure save that extra serving for the later day that it is scheduled. Feel free to double the recipes when cooking for 2!

Also, consider the following when trying to manage HPV:

– Do not smoke.
-Cut down or eliminate alcohol consumption.
-Eliminate processed junk foods.
-Have an outlet for stress and stress management.
-Reconsider taking oral contraceptives, as they have been linked to low levels of folate, zinc and vitamin C (all of which are important antioxidants for the body to heal).

HPV statistics are on your side: According to the National Cancer Institute:

  • About 70% of ASCUS and CIN 1 lesions regress within 6 years, without any intervention.
  • Only 6% of CIN 1 lesions progress to CIN 3 or worse.
  • 10% –  20% of women with CIN 3 lesions progress to invasive cancer.
  • According to other sources it could take as long as 10 years for CIN lesions to progress to cancer.

This information is not meant to dissuade you from seeking western approaches. My intention is meant to shed light on other less invasive approaches to addressing cervical dysplasia and HPV. You might consider natural approaches in tandem with tradition treatment, or you may elect to try this method as a less invasive approach before LEEP.

Let’s Stay Connected.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out and ‘like’ my Facebook page: Cervical Dysplasia + HPV Natural Healing Tribe. I frequently hop on this page and do Facebook Live videos about HPV and natural approaches, and answer any questions from women managing HPV and cervical dysplasia.

I hope you enjoy the next 3 days of nutrient-dense meals!  Remember: these ingredients have been hand-selected for their documented properties of enhancing the body’s natural healing processes for HPV. Be sure to keep an eye out for a larger HPV immune system diet program in the future, this is just a small taste of what’s to come 😉

About Me

I’m a doctor, devoted partner, tribe builder, a dog and cat rescuer, and a passionate advocate for blending natural medicine with western medicine. Several years ago I was diagnosed with a high-risk HPV strain that progressed to high-grade cervical dysplasia (HSIL, CIN 3). Through diet changes, additions of supplements, and suppositories, I successfully avoided surgery and further cervical dysplasia progression. I did this all naturally, which reversed the CIN 3, and I have had normal pap smears for 4 years. If you haven’t yet, you can read about my story here.

Eating whole foods is one of the best ways to absorb these vital nutrients. You may also consider adding specific supplements into your daily health routine, to ensure consistent high doses.



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References For Foods And Nutrients For Cervical Dysplasia

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