Neurolically-Based Chiropractic Care With Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic

The upper cervical region is a unique area of the spine, these vertebrae can misalign in such a way as to interfere with the brainstem and spinal cord as they exit through the floor of the skull into the neural canal. Special attention is given to the first two cervical vertebrae, the atlas and axis, because they are the most unstable part of your spine and most prone to injury. There are nearly 300 different ways the upper cervical area can misalign, so there are no cookie-cutter corrections to this part of the spine. Dr. Christina Coblish is a Boulder chiropractor that specializes in the Blair Upper Cervical technique, focusing on gentle approaches to address this sensitive area. The Blair Upper Cervical technique is done without the use of twisting, popping or cracking in the neck. The adjustment is precise, light, and quick. The amount of force used is minimal and our patients appreciate that we do not twist the neck to make corrections! Our technique allows us to be as specific as possible when delivering the corrections, which leads to incredible results. The most common things we help patients with in our office are neck and upper back pain, headaches and migraines, shoulder injuries, TMJ disorders, tinnitus, and vertigo. Upper cervical care is also ideal for those who have had lower cervical disc injuries or surgeries. As we stabilize the upper cervical spine and it strengthens the entire neck.


Objective Healing Tracking With Thermography Scanning

Just because you walked through the door does not mean you will need an adjustment. What if you got a filling every time you walked into the dentist? The goal of upper cervical care is for you to get checked and NOT need treatment that day, which indicates your body is “holding” the previous adjustment. Our office uses a thermography scanning tool, which allows us to determine if you need an adjustment or not that day. If you do require an upper cervical adjustment that day, we will also use this tool after treatment has been performed, to ensure the proper change has occurred.

CBCT Imaging

Technology continues to grow rapidly, so we strive to utilize the most advanced 3D imaging to analyze the upper cervical spine. A CBCT image is a dynamic image, rather than a static black and white x-ray film. This means we can click and move the image in any direction. This eliminates all guess-work, so that we may provide the most precise upper cervical corrections as possible.

Spine is corrected in a neutral position with specific accuracy and minimal force.
No anticipation of twisting, popping, or cracking of your neck.
Effective results and long term holding of the adjustment.
Requires less visits, on average, compared to traditional chiropractic.

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