An Alternative Treatment Method For Migraine Headaches

An Alternative Treatment Method For Migraine Headaches

What Are Migraines?

Migraines are severe headaches that involve debilitating pain. The pain can be localized to one area of the head, such as one side or behind the eyes, and is accompanied by a pulsing or throbbing pressure. 

A migraine can sometimes be an isolated event, but more often people who suffer from these headaches will experience them periodically. Bouts with migraines are often long, sometimes lasting for days, and common headache treatments usually have little, if any, effect on them. This can interfere with a person’s day-to-day responsibilities and impact one’s quality of life.

Medical experts have found that there is no single cause for migraines. They can be triggered by many different factors, such as genetics, stress, food sensitivities, dehydration, hormones, or misalignments of the spine. 

The Signs and Symptoms of Migraines

Migraine symptoms and warning signs vary from person to person. These secondary symptoms are a result of excessive, ongoing, throbbing pain. Commonly they are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. 

People with migraines are often sensitive to light, sounds, or even certain scents. Some people experience flashing lights or auras in their vision when they have a migraine. Numbness or tingling in the face is not uncommon. A migraine can impair a sufferer’s mobility and ability to function.

How the Upper Cervical Spine Affects Migraines

The spinal column is meant to protect the nerves that carry signals from the central nervous system to the brain stem. The upper cervical spine consists of the vertebrae in the upper back and neck that connect to the base of the skull.

These vertebrae are vulnerable to injuries that may result in misalignment. A misaligned upper cervical spine may result in inflammation, compression of nerves, or nerve damage. These injuries can disrupt the signals to the brain, which can result in problems such as head pain, neck pain, back pain, and even migraines. 

How Our Treatment Works for Migraines

 Upper cervical chiropractic treatment involves the proper realignment of the upper spine to alleviate the symptoms and repair the damage that may lead to conditions such as migraine headaches. 

 Dr. Christina Coblish and Dr. Ryan Moeskau of Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Boulder are specialists in the Blair Chiropractic Technique. This technique uses precise gentle low-force correction techniques that restore the body’s natural alignment of the upper cervical spine and its healing mechanisms. And, this technique can alleviate the symptoms of migraines. 

During your migraine treatment, Dr. Coblish and Dr. Moeskau will run a series of diagnostic tests in order to pinpoint any upper cervical misalignments. One of the tools that the doctors use is a CBCT scan, which gives a 3D image of the upper cervical spine. And this provides Dr. Coblish and Dr. Moeskau with a comprehensive diagnosis. 

Then, the doctors formulate an individualized treatment plan for each migraine patient. And, the targeted upper cervical misalignment is corrected using a low force, precise, and gentle adjustment.  At this stage, the regular nerve flow and the body’s natural healing mechanisms are restored. 

If migraines are precluding you from living a fulfilled life, get in touch with Dr. Coblish and Dr. Moeskau for an appointment today. 

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