High Grade Cervical Dysplasia Reversed With These Exact Prescribed Supplements.

High Grade Cervical Dysplasia Reversed With These Exact Prescribed Supplements.

Looking to address cervical dysplasia naturally? This article includes the exact brands and dosing of the supplements that I used to reverse my high grade cervical dysplasia and avoided a LEEP.


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This blog post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. I may earn a small commission if you use one of my links to make a purchase (at no extra cost to you). I only share products that I have greatly benefited from using myself to reverse my high grade cervical dysplasia.

Exact Supplements Prescribed By My Doctor That Reversed CIN 3 My High Grade Cervical Dysplasia.

AKA Cervical Carcinoma In Situ


In 2015 I was hit with the diagnosis of high grade cervical dysplasia, CIN 3.

CIN 3 is also called cervical squamous intraepithelial neoplasia 3, and stage 0 cervical carcinoma in situ. This diagnosis is likely the explanation of a virus losing the battle against my immune system. I searched for anything I could to learn how to get rid of HPV and how to get HPV out of your system. So if you’re looking for how to get HPV out of your system, keep reading friend.

This was the start of my journey to find out how to get rid of HPV naturally, so I could reverse the high grade cervical dysplasia.

I was in the middle of my graduate school program to become a doctor of chiropractic, and I was devastated to receive this diagnosis. I given very little hope from my medical doctor that I had any choices outside a LEEP procedure to correct this chronic health issue and prevent the possibility of invasive cancer growth.


One of my personal concerns with getting a LEEP procedure was I did not feel I was addressing the CAUSE of the high grade cervical dysplasia/ cervical carcinoma in situ.

I felt this option was only scraping away the symptoms from the surface. How was I addressing the virus that caused the dysplasia in the first place? Addressing the issue from the inside out gave me much greater confidence that this virus would stay dormant to my immune system. I was also concerned with the possible consequences of the LEEP procedure. Would I need multiple? Would it compromise the integrity of my cervix? Would I be more likely to miscarry, have preterm labor, or scarring that interfere with my menstrual cycle? Would it just be an unnecessary painful and possibly scarring experience I would attach to the lower half of my body creating psychological ramifications down the line?

So my hunt began. I hit the internet and every holistic healthcare provider I had access to at my school and asked them how to get rid of HPV. I began researching and searching high and low for any alternative options how to get rid of HPV, so that I could address my high grade cervical dysplasia, CIN 3 from its source. I wanted to try to treat this cervical carcinoma in situ from least invasive (natural) to most invasive (LEEP procedure).


I was lucky enough to find a naturopathic doctor who presented me with an alternative option to a LEEP procedure; to treat HPV naturally and reverse the high grade cervical dysplasia it had caused.


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Spoiler alert – incase the title of this post did not give it away: I reversed my CIN 3, high grade cervical dysplasia through a multistep process with a naturopath. Luckily I was able to avoid needing a LEEP procedure all together. I have had negative pap smear tests for almost 4 years now since I was originally diagnosed. One of the biggest factors that played a role in boosting my immune system with a specific set up supplements so that I could get rid of HPV naturally.

My naturopath encouraged me, explaining that I still had time to try to get rid of HPV through a more natural and holistic approach over the next few months before I needed to consider the real possibility of a LEEP procedure. She explained to me that we could try a multistep approach to fight and get rid of HPV from the inside out (mostly).  

She taught me that if we reduced the inflammation in my body and heal my gut through nutritional changes specific to my body as well as specific supplementation to create an optimal immune system response and healing environment, that I had a chance of fighting the cervical carcinoma in situ without the need for a LEEP procedure. We hoped in doing this, my body would recognize the dangerous cells, as well as the virus responsible for the damage, and begin to attack and get rid of the HPV. We would simultaneously work to get rid of HPV and then heal the damage of the cervical carcinoma in situ.

My ND never made any promises, but she did guarantee this course of action would be the best chance I had at strengthening my body’s ability to reverse the cervical carcinoma in situ and to keep the virus that caused the damage laying dormant. I agreed to spend 6 dedicated months to follow every word she suggested before I considered moving forward with a LEEP procedure.


She put me on a 12 month “oral protocol” to target the CIN 3 cells and get rid of HPV, which was most likely responsible for my high grade cervical dysplasia.

At that point, I had done plenty of my own self research on the internet. If you’re anything like me and you have done the same, you would notice that there are many different sources of what you should take as a supplement and how much you should take if you’re trying to get rid of HPV strains, cervical carcinoma in situ, CIN 3, & high grade cervical dysplasia (such a mysterious diagnoses with SO many names!)

I imagine if you’ve found this blog piece, then you have encountered the same issue. There is a lot of overlap with what is recommended on the internet when you search for how to get HPV out of your system. However, there is also information that is different from source to source, which can also make it feel quite confusing.

If you’re wondering what supplements to take to boost your immune response to combat and get rid of HPV and how to get HPV out of your system, which is known to cause cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer… I’m going to share below.


I’m going to post and share the EXACT protocol that my naturopathic doctor prescribed to me. This is the protocol that I feel is responsible for reversing my CIN 3 high grade cervical dysplasia.

I will share the exact brands she recommended and sold in her practice, as this vouches for quality control of the different types of supplement companies that exist. I will also post the exact dosage I was prescribed.

You will want to seek out a licensed healthcare professional who has experience with high grade cervical dysplasia and cervical carcinoma in situ. Make sure you have a conversation with them before starting any of these supplements. My naturopathic doctor was crucial during this process, because sometimes taking these very high doses of supplements called for a need for the doses to be adjusted to my body. For example, if I didn’t slowly scale up to hitting the recommended doses in a few of these supplements, it would end up giving me horrible cramps, crazy burping, or loose bowel movements, or feeling sick.

Most of the dosing recommendations by my naturopath were much higher than the “serving” size listed on the back of the bottle. It took a couple weeks to get used to all of them but eventually I was able to complete 6 dedicated months with total ease.


After 6 months, I got my first “negative” pap smear. The high grade cervical dysplasia was nowhere to be found!

It was at this time that I spoke to my ND and chose to stay on the supplements an additional 6 months longer. So I was on this protocol for a total of 12 months. I chose to continue the protocol for an additional 6 months after I was given the clear signal as a precaution to the possibility that the virus may be either laying dormant or had not reached the epithelial layer of cells when tested. Either way, I was happy to continue the small investment of taking this supplementation regimen for the additional time after I got clear negative tests back. I was also happy knowing that my body was benefiting in SO many other ways with better digestion, more energy, more focus, and a kick ass strong immune system!


Taking the following list of supplements was one out of three core steps I took with my naturopath. Three 3 core steps I took to reverse my CIN 3 high grade cervical dysplasia were the following:

  • Supplementation to build up my immune system, heal my gut, and bring every mineral and vitamin to an optimal level in my bloodstream.
  • Avoid specific foods that were causing inflammation in my gut lining and therefore my entire body. I found out what foods caused this damage through a blood test looking at IGE markers. This also included little to no alcohol during this time.
  • Performing biweekly escharotic treatments for a little over a month.



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Here is the exact supplement protocol prescribed by my ND that I followed for 12 months that reversed my CIN 3 high grade cervical dysplasia.


FolaPro by Metagenics. Folate Supplement.

Dosage: 1 pill for total of 800mcg daily


Green Tea Phytosome by Thorne. Green Tea Supplement.

Dosage: 1 pill 2x/day for total of 500mg daily


Beta Carotene Drops by Ecological Formulas. Vitamin A Supplement. 10,000 IU per drop.

Dosage: 15 drops for a total of 150,000 IU daily


high-grade-cervical-dysplasia Vitality C by American Nutriceuticals. Vitamin C Powder.

Dosage: build tolerance up to 6 grams daily, approx 1.25 teaspoon scoops.


Unique E softgels. Vitamin E Supplement.

Dosage:1 pill for 400 IU daily.

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Additional Supplements

I also had a CBC blood workup done to identify markers in my blood to see if I was meeting the optimal levels of certain vitamins and minerals. My blood work showed that my blood was was low in iron, several minerals, Vitamin D, and had candida overgrowth.

Because our goal was to heal my gut, as well as create an optimal healing environment in my body, my doctor also prescribed the following supplementation to bring up my low levels of the above listed vitamins and minerals that were found low in my blood test. I was also prescribed other supplements to heal damage done to my gut, support my digestive system and to aid in the uptake of many of these supplements. Lastly I was also given supplements to combat the candida overgrowth.

Here are the additional supplements I was given to achieve the above listed goals:


high-grade-cervical-dysplasiaComprehensive Minerals by Cardiovascular Research. Contains all essential macrominerals and trace minerals in their physiologically active forms.

Dosage: Take 1 pill, 3 times per day for a total of


Liposomal Biocidin LSF.

Dosage: 2 pumps, 2 times every day for a total of 200mg daily


Liposomal DIM.

Dosage: 4 pumps, 2 times every day.


Methyl Protect.

Dosage: 1 pill, 2 times every day.


Vitamin D3 Chewables by Integrative Therapeutics.

Dosage: 1 pill daily for a total of 5,000 units.


Iron Bisglycinate. Iron supplement.

Dosage: 2 pills daily for 500mg daily.


Digestive aids:

high-grade-cervical-dysplasiaMagnesium Calm.

Dosage: 1-3 tsp at bedtime



Dosage: 1 tsp 3x/day

— For reference here is the entire list used to treat high grade cervical dysplasia—

Photocopy of my original prescribed supplement list given to me by my naturopath


The list looks way more daunting than it felt. At the start of each week, I would measure out how many pills I would need and separate them into AM and PM containers, and I usually kept the liquid pumps next to my kettle, as I made hot water for my french press in the AM and hot water for my tea in the PM. I literally printed out this document and left it on my fridge so I could reference it, although eventually memorized it since I had to do it for a year!!


Again, this supplementation process was one third of the prescribed plan to reverse the high grade cervical dysplasia. As a reminder I also:

  • Avoided specific foods (and alcohol)  that were causing inflammation in my gut lining and therefore my entire body. I found out what foods caused this damage through a blood test looking at IGE markers.
  • Performed biweekly escharotic treatments at the naturopath’s office for a little over a month.


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It’s been nearly 4 years since my diagnosis and I still remain free of my CIN 3 high grade cervical dysplasia, and I was able to successfully avoid getting a LEEP procedure.

After some reflection, here is what choosing a more holistic route to address my CIN 3, high grade cervical dysplasia did for me:
  • Gave me faith that my body has an incredible capability of healing that I did not give it credit for.
  • Taught me a LOT about wellness and preventive care.
  • I have a much better understanding of how the immune system works.
  • Gave me piece of mind that my reproductive organs have no scar tissue or complications from a LEEP procedure.
  • Gave me piece of mind I will no have any increased likelihood of complications to conceive or hold a pregnancy.
  • Helped me develop a huge amount of empathy, as a now practicing doctor, towards my patients who choose to pursue a natural approach to their health conditions. For example: chiropractic over spinal fusion surgeries, or chiropractic over migraine medications.


In Conclusion

Of course, I was willing to take all of any risks for a LEEP procedure if that is what was absolutely called for, however I learned that cervical dysplasia can take 10 years before it develops into aggressive forms of cancer. I figured, why not try something more natural for 6 months first? It was most likely caused by a virus. I have had MANY viruses over the course of my lifetime that I knocked to the ground with my strong immune system.

I am aware that many women choose to get a LEEP procedure to address cervical dysplasia. If you are considering a LEEP procedure, or have recently gotten a LEEP procedure, I encourage you to consider following a naturopathic and holistic approach as well. Your body will have lots of healing to do after your LEEP procedure, why not equip it with the best possible immune system to recover more quickly and effectively. You can also combat the virus from the inside, while your medical doctor combats it from the outside.

If you have successfully tried any of these products and want to share in the comments, please do so! Some of these supplements I had to get creative taking, the liquids in particular. If you have any questions about best ways to take these just drop a note in the comments 🙂


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The information contained in this post is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases. It is not a substitute for regular medical care. If you are on medications, or have any medical conditions, please consult with your primary healthcare provider before making any changes to your healthcare approaches.